Meet Peanut, a six-year-old French Bulldog, who came to SCAN for evaluation of neck pain. This began after an incident with a housemate which left Peanut yelping in pain.

Peanut’s parents let him rest for one week and then, when there was minimal improvement, took him to his primary care veterinarian for an examination. Radiographs were taken and he began anti-inflammatory drugs. Although the medication seemed to help keep him more comfortable, Peanut still held his head down; he did not want to play or eat.

At this point, Peanut was referred to SCAN where Dr. Nick Archambault performed an initial examination. Peanut was found to have a low head carriage, pain upon palpating his neck, and left forelimb weakness. Dr. Archambault ordered an MRI (located within SCAN) which revealed a large intervertebral disc herniation with significant spinal cord compression which was the cause of the severe neck pain.

Dr. Archambault recommended surgical correction of Peanut’s disc herniation which would allow Peanut to return to a pain-free, happy and normal life again. A ventral slot surgery was performed and Peanut responded to the surgery wonderfully. He was on IV pain medications overnight and was able to return home the next day with only oral pain medications and a transdermal pain patch. We’re glad to see how much happier Peanut is post-surgery and look forward to his continued success. Good boy Peanut!