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  • 5 star rating  All I can say is miracle worker and THANK YOU!! We cannot express our gratitude enough for helping our Bella. Bella was admitted to the ER on a Friday night with excruciating back pain. Her appointment with Scan, was not until that Tuesday.. Dr. Carnes came in the next morning to repair Bella's two slipped disks.

    We are two weeks post surgery and I am amazed at how great Bella is doing! She is walking on her own. sitting and standing and a very happy girl. She has some work to do but I know, she will get there. Honestly, as bad as she was, I wasn't sure she was fixable. However, Dr. Carnes at SCAN proved me wrong. Thank you so much for what you do! Paul, Chris and Bella ;-)

    Christine M. Avatar Christine M.
  • 5 star rating  There just aren’t enough words to describe the amazing staff at SCAN-Naples..... we actually drove the 3 hours to SCAN to only see Dr.Clemmons while he was covering Dr.Carnes. I didn’t expect to leave in awe from the staff here. You can really tell they love animals and are just over all good people. Every single person was compassionate and sweet. Our boy, Samson, had surgery to correct his C2-3 herniation. When Samson came out of surgery the nurses had him tucked in with a blanket and soft spot for him to rest his head. I’m never comfortable leaving my dogs overnight with anyone but with this staff my anxiety was fine, I knew he was in the best hands. I received calls and texts with pictures of how Samson was doing during his entire stay. When it was time for Samson to leave he actually wanted to stay with Kristine!!! They really take care of your animals! They love on your pets as if they are their own. Even though we came mainly to see Dr.Clemmons, I can pretty much say the way Dr.Carnes staff represented her I can guarantee she is just as amazing! Thank you so much Dr.Clemmons, Daffney, Kristine, Taylor, Josh, and Erica. You guys are truly amazing!

    Deirdra I. Avatar Deirdra I.
  • 5 star rating  I have to say it is quite obvious Dr. Cook loves his line of work. We have been chasing an answer for our girl's issue and behavior changes for over 2 months.

    At first it was thought to be an UTI, then Addison's disease. But for over 2 YEARS we have questioned every vet about her head shaking and how it went from occasionally to frequently. We also questioned a rattling in the top of her head

    Though Dr. Cook had no idea about the head shaking, he did diagnose the rattling as being the cause of her plates not being closed . After talking mainly with my daughter, because I was indisposed, I asked if I could ask more questions. Also she and I have brain issues. He was so very busy, but as soon as he was able, he sat with us and answered many questions he had already answered. From the darling lady at the front desk to the techs and Dr. Cook, 5 stars is well deserved at this point

    Janice S. Avatar Janice S.
  • 5 star rating  There is a reason for SCAN's flawless reputation. Took very good care of our dog when he needed spine surgery. Facility is immaculate and welcoming. Dogs, despite being in the hospital, are comfortable and happy. This place is in a league entirely of it's own.

    Matt O. Avatar Matt O.

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