Patient Stories


Approximately one month ago, Kilo came in for an evaluation of new onset of seizures. We performed an MRI of Kilo’s brain and found a tumor that was operable. Dr.Carnes was able to remove all of the tumor and it was found to be a benign brain tumor called a meningioma. Kilo is doing great […]


SCAN GIVES BACK TO FAMILY IN NEED! We recently received an email from Jan, Fred’s pet sitter/caregiver asking for help. Fred’s owner had a medical emergency and needed help taking care of Fred. Jan was more than willing to help with Fred as he had lost the ability to use his back legs. Jan brought […]


Roux traveled ✈ all the way from Italy to have spine surgery with Dr.Canes. Roux is doing great💕


**Happy Story Alert** Chaidance just celebrated her 15th birthday! Over 5 years ago, we diagnosed Chaidance with a malignant brain tumor. She enrolled in a clinical trial at the University of Minnesota where she had brain surgery to remove the tumor followed up by an experimental tumor vaccine. Chaidance has surpassed all expectations and is […]

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