Patient Stories


Charlee, an adorable 3 year old Yorkshire Terrier, was referred to SCAN for evaluation of acute paralysis of the right front and right hind limbs. There was no history of illness for Charlee, and her parents were very worried. Fortunately, Charlee did not seem to be in any pain. Dr. Jim Cook, one of SCAN’s […]


Meet Jinx, a 10 year-old Lhasa Apso, who came to Specialists in Companion Animal Neurology for evaluation of back pain and difficulty walking. Prior to his visit, he had been on anti-inflammatory medication for almost a week, and it just wasn’t helping, so he was referred to SCAN. At the time of his initial examination, […]


Falco became a favorite (one of many) of the SCAN Team. His primary care veterinarian referred him to SCAN because he was unable to walk normally. Why is this such a unique case, you ask? – Well, Falco is a service canine and his job is to monitor his owner’s health at all times. A […]


Meet Peanut, a six-year-old French Bulldog, who came to SCAN for evaluation of neck pain. This began after an incident with a housemate which left Peanut yelping in pain. Peanut’s parents let him rest for one week and then, when there was minimal improvement, took him to his primary care veterinarian for an examination. Radiographs […]

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