Meet Jinx, a 10 year-old Lhasa Apso, who came to Specialists in Companion Animal Neurology for evaluation of back pain and difficulty walking. Prior to his visit, he had been on anti-inflammatory medication for almost a week, and it just wasn’t helping, so he was referred to SCAN. At the time of his initial examination, Jinx was in a lot of pain and was unable to walk without assistance.

SCAN’s board-certified neurologist, Dr. Michelle Carnes, examined Jinx and noted that he experienced mild discomfort upon lower lumbar palpation. Jinx had an MRI of his spine which revealed he had an Intervertebral Disc Herniation and he had immediate surgery.

Only one hour after surgery, he was able to stand and move around. The next morning Jinx was able to walk well outside without assistance and was comfortable on his postoperative pain medication; he was scheduled to be discharged from the hospital!

When Jinx’s mom picked him up, she was thrilled to see that he was happy and comfortable. At his 2 week postoperative re-check Jinx was back to himself, pain-free and walking well! Great job Jinx!!