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Specialists in Companion Animal Neurology by Lorena R.

Our dog, Gufo, had been having body tremors for a few weeks prior to our visit with SCAN. We drove all the way from Tampa to Sarasota (1.5 hrs each way), after doing research on this business that was recommended to us by Gufo’s primary doctor. As soon as you walk in, you know that they were going to treat your pet as a member of your family, but Dr. James Cook really surprised us when he walked into the room. He started talking to Gufo as we do, calling him boo and baby and treating him as if he were his own. It really was a fantastic experience. This doctor does not want you to spend your money necessarily. He told us that he believed gufo either had a movement disorder or a complex partial seizure. He said that an MRI was on the table, but he does not think that is it necessary. We decided against the MRI and Dr. Cook prescribed him levetiracetam and even told us that we can visit our local costco pharmacy (even without a membership) to get the medication at a much lower price than at CVS or Walgreens. We are extremely satisfied with Gufo’s care. He has not had any tremors since we first gave him the medication yesterday. Thank you so much Dr. Cook and all of the wonderful staff on your team.

Response from the owner:


We are thrilled to hear how well your baby Gufo is doing. Thank you for taking the time to share your experience at SCAN-Sarasota, and for your 5-Star Google Review. Dr. Cook, and our entire team, work hard to make sure we provide the best possible care for our furry patients and their parents. We know caring for a sick loved one can be a particularly stressful time – in many ways. Our goal at SCAN is to provide exceptional care while also making practical diagnostic and treatment recommendations for our patients; in doing so, we are happy to pass on cost-saving ideas to our pet parents! It’s nice to hear that we were able to do just that for you! Thank you again for your review of SCAN-Sarasota!

Specialists in Companion Animal Neurology by Carol L.

A couple of weeks before Christmas 2017, Hank, our 10 yr. old Cocker spaniel was in a lot of pain. Our vet referred us to SCAN. On 1/2/18 Hank was seen by Dr. Cook, had an MRI immediately, and was found to have a herniated disc. Dr. Cook did surgery that afternoon. The staff called us before and after Hank’s surgery to advise that everything was going well. We brought him home the following day. Today, 3/28/18, the only problem with Hank is that he has to be reminded he’s 10, not 2. Dr. Cook and the SCAN staff were caring, efficient, attentive and VERY skilled. We feel fortunate and grateful, as does Hank. Highly recommend.

Response from the owner:

Carol –
Thank you for taking the time to recommend SCAN-Sarasota, and for your 5-Star Google Review. We look forward to personally sharing your feedback with Dr. Cook and our entire team. We are glad to hear that our constant communication during this stressful time, made your experience a positive one. Most importantly, we are thrilled to hear that Hank is doing so well! His spirit is contagious and we look forward to continued updates on his progress. Thanks again for your review!

Specialists in Companion Animal Neurology by Lynn M.

Had to make an unscheduled visit to SCAN with our dachshund Chance. Dr. Cook and his staff were welcoming, compassionate and professional. The results were exactly what we had hoped for. Chance was feeling better the next morning when we picked him up after surgery and has been improving each day. Thank you so very much Dr. Cook and staff for the wonderful experience. Will never forget you all! Have already recommended your services. Keep on doing what you do best for our pets!

Response from the owner:

Thank you for taking the time to share Chance’s experience with Dr. Cook and SCAN-Sarasota. We know how hard it was to see your sweet Chance in pain. Hearing that your experience was a welcoming one, and that our compassionate staff made this challenging time better for you both, is extremely important to us. We are grateful for your commendation and hope you know how very much we appreciate your 5-Star Review! Please stay in touch and keep us informed as to Chance’s continued improvement!

Specialists in Companion Animal Neurology by Stephanie M.

1 of our 7 year old Golden Retrievers started having seizures in the fall. Eventually our vet told us about Dr. Carnes & SCAN. We ended up getting an MRI & she had a tumor on her brain. We are very fortunate that it was small enough, & located on the top of the brain, that operating was a possibility. My husband & I met with Dr. Carnes & the staff at SCAN & we were blown away by the amazing knowledge they all had, & every single staff member was so friendly & so loving to our golden. They even welcomed her brother with open arms when he went along to the appointment. Surgery was done Nov. 30,2017 & our sweet girl is doing amazing. We are so grateful to Dr. Carnes & all at SCAN for taking such great care of her. Without the care & expertise at SCAN we would not have had much longer with our girl. Now she is totally back to herself & we look forward to many more years with her.

Response from the owner:

Such fabulous news to hear how your sweet Tangee is doing and that she is herself again! Your 5-Star Review means the world to us and we will be sure to share your feedback with Dr. Carnes and our entire staff here at SCAN-Sarasota. Due to our investment in leading technology, we were able to accurately diagnose Tangee’s tumor and perform her life-saving brain surgery. Knowing that Tangee is back to her excellent quality of life and is seizure-free, warms our hearts. Again, we thank you for sharing your story and for your 5-Star Review.

Specialists in Companion Animal Neurology by Michelle O.

Our little boy, Alfie, started having neck issues. Took him to our veterinarian in Venice who referred us to SCAN. Found it very easy to schedule an appointment and were able to obtain an appointment for March 12. We met with Dr. Cook who indicated that Alfie, indeed, was experiencing pain in his neck region. We left Alfie at SCAN and returned home. Both my husband and I were apprehensive about Alfie having surgery but we felt he was in good hands.

We were very impressed with the care and attention that Dr. Cook and his wonderful staff gave to Alfie. He scheduled an MRI and operated on him for a herniated disc at 7:30 pm. Both his staff and Dr. Cook keep us informed of how Alfie was doing — both prior to and after the surgery. We were able to take Alfie home on Tuesday, March 13 and are so pleased to have him home with us.

Neither my husband or I can say enough good things about Dr. Cook and his staff — from the receptionist, Cindy, to the nurses and Dr. Cook. They were so professional and efficient AND kept us informed which is very important to both us.

Alfie is doing very well and is happy to be home. Would highly recommend Dr. Cook and his staff to anyone whose pet needs care and/or surgery. We are so happy to have such an efficient pet neurology team in our region! Thank you!

Response from the owner:

Thank you so much for taking the time to share your experience at SCAN-Sarasota in such great detail. Your 5-Star Review is much appreciated, and we have shared your kind words with our entire team. We truly are a family here at SCAN, and each and every member of our team was just as concerned for your Alfie as you and your husband were. Knowing that he is doing so well, and that your experience was nothing but exceptional, means everything to us. Thank you again from all of us here at SCAN-Sarasota!

Specialists in Companion Animal Neurology by Shauna M.

I am so thankful for Dr. Carnes and her staff at SCAN. I brought my dog to 4 vets over the course of 2 weeks and not one knew what was wrong with her. We were finally referred to SCAN and thank god we were because my dog was almost not able to walk due to a herniated disk that we didn’t know about. Dr. Carnes performed surgery same day as our appointment and we got our dog back the next day. She called us every step of the way, from the MRI to the end of the surgery. Our dog was almost 100% better even the day after her surgery. She has no pain anymore thanks to Dr. Carnes. I can’t even begin to express my gratitude to Dr. Carnes for helping my dog. Truly an amazing person as well as the staff that helped.

Response from the owner:

We are so happy to have received your 5-Star Review for Dr. Carnes and our entire team here at SCAN-Sarasota. Hearing how well your Kashi is doing makes us all very happy; it’s moments like this that our entire team lives for. Our work is our passion and our team treats each of their patients as if they were their own pet. Our reward is seeing our patients return to excellent quality of life! Thank you so much for sharing your experience with us. We’ll make sure to pass along your feedback.

Specialists in Companion Animal Neurology by John H.

Dr Carnes is very good.

Response from the owner:

Mr. Heuser –

We thank you for your 5-Star Google Review. Knowing that you are so happy with the care you have received from Dr. Carnes means so much to us. We appreciate your feedback.

Specialists in Companion Animal Neurology by Lauren B.

My Boston Terrier Wilbur had a ruptured cervical disc. Wilbur was in extreme pain. We tried medicine to no avail. Dr. Cook performed a surgical procedure to remove the burst disc material. Wilbur was 85% better on the day of surgery and went home the same day. Two weeks later Wilbur is 100% recovered. So happy with Dr. Cook and the staff at SCAN. Great people. I truly home your dog (or other) animal never needs a neurologist but if they do you can’t go wrong with SCAN.

Response from the owner:


On behalf of Dr. Cook and our entire staff at SCAN Sarasota, we thank you for your 5-Star Review. It is certainly wonderful to hear that Wilbur is doing so well and, that you are so very happy with your experience. Getting our patients out of pain and restoring good quality of life is one of the most rewarding things we do at SCAN. We look forward to hearing about Wilbur’s progress in the future. Thank you again for your review.

Specialists in Companion Animal Neurology by Marianne B.

I took my Maltese to SCAN for an MRI when my regular vet could see nothing on the X-ray that was causing his sudden paralysis. Dr. Cook did surgery to repair the large disk herniation. He is walking and getting stronger every day. The surgery was costly but you can’t put a price on the pets that you love. Thank you so very much for taking care of him. I would highly recommend Dr. Cook and the staff at SCAN.

Response from the owner:

Thank you so much for your 5-Star Review! Dr. Cook, and our entire team here at SCAN-Sarasota, are elated to hear just how well your sweet Gordon is doing! As you know, our on-site, high-field MRI, and state-of-the-art diagnostics, are key for us to accurately diagnose and treat your pet. We thank you for giving us the opportunity to drastically improve Gordon’s quality of life. He is truly a special boy!

Specialists in Companion Animal Neurology by Patricia J.

Wonderful Veterinarian. Staff was awesome. Could not have found more compassionate people. Charges were significantly less then expected. The Veterinarian that was there at the time is opening a new office in Clearwater! Please take the time to check with offices.

Response from the owner:

Patricia –
Such a pleasure to hear from you, and to receive your 5-Star Google Review. It’s great to hear that Dr. Cook and our compassionate staff, coupled with our affordable pricing, made your experience the best that it could be. Whether visiting us in Sarasota, Naples, or at our soon-to-open Clearwater location, we are honored to be your choice for highly-specialized diagnostics and treatments from any of our board-certified specialists in neurology and neurosurgery. Thank you so much for your positive feedback.

Specialists in Companion Animal Neurology by Barbara P.

Dr. Cook is a miracle worker! Because of his surgical talent and compassion my dachshund Ringo is running and playing like his old self.
Thank you Dr. Cook and the great staff at SCAN.

Response from the owner:

On behalf of Dr. Cook and the entire staff at SCAN Sarasota, we thank you for your review. We’re here for you and Ringo always. Thank you again from all of us here at SCAN Sarasota.

Specialists in Companion Animal Neurology by Marilyn H.

This hospital is very clean and very professional. Cindy greets you at the front desk and also gives you updates on how your pet is doing, along with other members of the staff. Our precious Yorkie is named Sydney and all of a sudden he could not walk his legs collapsed underneath him, he is 14 years old. Like all of us I looked up symptoms and thought the worst due to his age and his condition, until I spoke with Dr. Carnes who examined our Sydney as she sat on the floor and held him and analyzed him, he was like a limp rag doll and listless. I thought for sure we would have to put him to sleep before we left. Dr. Carnes suggested we do an MRI as she did not think that he had the Fatal disease that we thought he had. We met with her and she showed us the x-rays on screen and explained that his discs were bad and gave him an 80% success rate for the surgery she would perform the next day. She performed a miracle! She is friendly she is professional and she’s an angel from heaven as our dog is walking and has quality of life again. I cannot say enough good things about the doctor, her staff, and the care and concern that she provides. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts …you put smiles on our faces again and life back into our Sydney.

Specialists in Companion Animal Neurology by Michael S.

I was very impressed with the level of compassion and professionalism we received from Dr. Carnes and her staff. When we arrived with Blu they were very quick to assist us in getting him out of the car, and to perform the initial assessment of his injury. The Dr. (and someone from her staff ) sat on the floor with us, assessing and interacting with Blu making him, and us more relaxed during a very stressful and emotional situation. We knew at this point he was in very good hands. EVERYONE we came into contact with at this office was friendly and seemed to genuinely care, they provided open and honest communications, patiently answered our questions, and most important treated Blu with love and compassion.. I would highly recommend this office.

Response from the owner:

Dear Mr. Sainola,
We are delighted to hear that your experience at SCAN was such a positive one. Even though you describe Blu’s injury as a stressful and emotional time for your family, Dr. Carnes and our entire staff take great pride in knowing that we were able to not only assess Blu’s situation quickly, but that our honest and open communication exceeded your expectations. We love your Blu and we are honored to have been able to treat him. Thank you!

Specialists in Companion Animal Neurology by Dan J.

Lilly was in excruciating pain when we arrived at his office. The next day we picked up a dog having no pain. She was almost like her old self

Response from the owner:

Mr. Jones,
Thank you for reviewing us on Google. We’re so happy to hear that Lilly is doing so well, and that your experience at SCAN was such a positive one. Again, we thank you!

Specialists in Companion Animal Neurology by Melissa F.

Upon arrival I was greeted by Cindy who was very upbeat, kind and helpful. I was taken back to an exam room by Justin, who did Vinny’s intake. I was then told that Dr. Carnes would be in to see me. I had scheduled the appointment with a different Dr. so I was a little caught off guard. I now believe Vinny’s and my guardian angel stepped in, and placed Dr. Carnes with us.
Dr. Carnes was/is AMAZING!! Caring and supportive of both Vinny and I. She performed a miracle and my sweet boy is walking once again. I cannot say enough good things about her. She or her staff kept me constantly informed on what was happening and how he was doing.

It was a very long procedure and her staff did a wonderful job of making sure I was comfortable. Cindy offered me her lunch! Another staff member offered to pick something up for me while she was out.

The gratitude I have in my heart for Dr. Carnes and her staff is beyond words. Five stars is NOT enough!!!!

Specialists in Companion Animal Neurology by Allan G.

The care and compassion of the SCAN team is amazing. They saved our dogs life and allowed her to continue to live a wonderful life.

Specialists in Companion Animal Neurology by Becca F.

The neurologist is wonderful, and he went out of his way to visit my pooch at the nearby ER place. Pooch was referred to the neurologist while he was in the ER. Even my pooch loved him, and was very comfortable with his demeanor.

Pooch is now on anti-seizure meds, and is doing fine.

Specialists in Companion Animal Neurology09/28/2016 by Susan

“Our little Pomeranian, Lefty, went from being an overly active 4 year old to not being able to walk, stand or lift his head – in just 2 days. Upon the recommendation of our vet, we took Lefty to the doctor and SCAN. After an exam and MRI, the doctor discovered that Lefty had Granulomatous meningoencephalitis, or GME, ( an inflammatory autoimmune disease of the central nervous system) and quickly started him on a treatment plan. After two nights, Lefty was able to come home and within just a few days, he was able to walk and stand again. I’m fairly certain that without the doctor and SCAN, Lefty would not be here today. (Our vet later said that she has only sent the doctor 2 dogs that she was not sure would make it. Lefty was one of them.) The doctor and the staff at SCAN are so compassionate and caring. We can’t say enough wonderful things about them and highly recommend them. We are so lucky to have SCAN  in our area!!”

Specialists in Companion Animal Neurology09/28/2016 by Betty H.

“The doctor and all his staff are the most compassionate people. Our beloved Bengy was suffering greatly when we brought him in for an MRI. The doctor was so thorough but sadly found a peripheral nerve sheath tumor with infiltration into Bengy’s spinal column.While still under anesthesia my husband and I made the decision to let him just keep sleeping. It was a critical decision but one of love for our baby boy…our “Darlin Angel” (we’re Southeners). Then they sent Bengy to My Pet Angel for cremation but it was much more for us…beautiful box for ashes,paw print,gold plate engraved name plate,a book on grieving and a death certificate. Most of all today we received the most beautiful sympathy card from the doctor and all the staff with each one expressing their feelings on Bengy. My husband and I cried over the thoughtfulness. We are grieving but we have a lifetime of memories with Bengy packed in those 6 short years and a love for the doctor and his staff.”

Specialists in Companion Animal Neurology09/28/2016 by Becca F.

“The neurologist is wonderful, and he went out of his way to visit my pooch at the nearby ER place. Pooch was referred to the neurologist while he was in the ER. Even my pooch loved him, and was very comfortable with his demeanor.

Pooch is now on anti-seizure meds, and is doing fine.”

Specialists in Companion Animal Neurology09/28/2016 by Judy T.

“Our dog, Snickers, has received excellent care from the staff and the doctor. We were referred to SCAN by our vet several weeks ago after our little Yorkie developed a form of idiopathic vestibular disease. The doctor spent over an hour with us in this diagnostic session to describe in detail all the possible causes as well as creating detailed drawings to explain what was happening to Snickers. The entire staff has been very caring and friendly. It was comforting to know that our pup is in such good hands. We wish these immediate symptoms were the only problem, but our little guy has additional health issues going on, so we have become frequent “guests” at this center so that the doctor monitor Snickers.
We will be forever grateful to the staff and the doctor for the quality of care they offer, and would highly recommend SCAN to any dog owner who is in need of neurological services for their pet.”

Specialists in Companion Animal Neurology09/28/2016 by Beth

“We are very appreciative of the doctor and his staff for finally figuring out what was causing our 110 lb labradoodle, Shamus, to limp. Only an MRI was able to pinpoint the cause of his discomfort and allow us to make a plan to get him back to his old self! The doctor took the time to explain all his findings and what our options were moving forward. Shamus, our “Gentle Giant” is very wary of new people, but the doctor immediately sat down on the floor with him, at his level, and befriended him. He is only the second Dr. EVER to do that and it immediately defuses Shamus’ anxiety and allows his owners to relax, as well! We highly recommend SCAN for your four-legged members of the family!”

09/28/2016 by Kayla R.

“My dachshund, Bubba, jumped off our couch one day and we heard a yelp from him and right after that we could tell something was not right!
A few hours passed, he was sleeping, and when he woke and tried to walk, he was almost completely paralyzed from about half his back, down. Both legs dragged and he could not walk on his back legs at all. We took him to an over night vets office, where they took x-rays and said everything looked fine and gave him some anti-inflammatory and pain meds and said he should be better in a few days.
He did not get better at all, so i took him a few days later to my mother-n-laws vet (mine was closed that day) and she looked him over, let him walk and instantly said he has deeper issues and most likely needed some kind of surgery (back surgery). She referred the doctor and is staff and said that his office was actually closed but him and his staff would be willing to come in to help and get him taken care of asap. We live in Lutz, so it was a pretty far drive, but i appreciated that they would come in on such short notice.
Myself, My husband and grandfather drove down there at 8 o’clock at night and they were there waiting with smiles on their faces!
Marley walked us to our room, asked if we needed anything and was as sweet as she could be. The doctor came in and first thing he did was sit on the floor with Bubba, and played with him and let him sniff him to get used o him! I was instantly impressed! You could 100% tell he had compassion and truly loved his job and animals!! He walked us through the whole process, gave us statistics on his other patients and told us every single thing we needed to know!
I think i asked the same questions about 100 times haha and he was never got annoyed or mad, he very patiently answered them all!
I then left him with the staff and they were going to take some x-rays and mris and call us with the results before they started any surgery! They called us before we even made it back to Tampa and said he had 2 ruptured discs in his back and needed the back surgery right away! We agreed and they took him right in for surgery at 11 o’clock at night! They called the next morning and stated he did great in surgery and is now in recovery resting and we could pick him up later that night! He looked so much better when we got there, he was even walking before we left the drs office! I WAS IN TEARS!!!!!
We brought him home and over the next few weeks he got stronger and stronger!

Today, almost 8 months after surgery, he is at about 92-95% back to normal, which is exactly what the doctor stated when we first came in.
He runs, jumps, plays. Its almost as if he never had surgery. His scar is even almost 100% disappeared!

I am BEYOND SATISFIED with the doctor and his whole staff! Taking my dog (who is like my son) to the doctor and his staff was truly the BEST DECISION I HAVE EVER MADE!!